We value the importance of doing life together – so whether that’s meeting together for prayer or with one of our home groups, we love connecting with people. Home groups are designed to provide fellowship opportunities as well as grow families in awakening their God given gifts and discovering their calling. View our home groups below.

Beyond the Natural

We love the presence & power of the Holy Spirit. Beyond the Natural meets 2 Sundays a month where we enjoy a time of worship and activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit within our group. People are getting healed, saved and set free!

Leaders: Scott & Delta Coon

Covenant Rhythm

Marriage relationships are in a battle today. No doubt, we need the wisdom and grace of God to keep families together. Covenant Rhythm is a marriage mentorship group that meets the 3rd Saturday of every month. Engaged? Congrats; we hope you can come too!

Leaders: Bill & Sandy Wilkinson


Ladies, are you looking for a total healthy lifestyle? If so, join us for crave the 4th Friday of every month. All ages welcome. We all are striving for a better us; let's do it together!

Leaders: Rhonda Fazio & Sarah Rowan

Depth of His Love

Are you wanting a greater understanding of God's love and thoughts toward you? If so, we would love to have you join us. We meet the 1st Saturday of each month. Let's grow together!

Leaders: Charlie & Kim Rowan

Destiny Awakened

You are at that college & career age; transitioning in life to the next level of commitment and responsibility... what do you do? Join us, 1st Saturday of every month. We look forward to seeing you!

Leaders: Josh & Lisa Campbell

Focus 20/20

You graduated High School and are under 30; you're looking for what's next? Join us the first Sunday of every month as we pursue God's design for your life!

Leaders: Trent & Amy Boles


"fer-vent (adjective) - Having or displaying a passionate intensity." We will be seeking God's presence and ministering to each other in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, whilel having a lot of fun! We meet on the last Saturday of the month.

Leaders: Joe & Jamie Tennant

Kingdom Mindset

Our vision is to be able to help people get free of everyday obstacles that attack our mind. It's based on the fundamentals from Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers. We will learn to overcome the enemy when he attacks our mind as well as discerning whether it is the enemy or our own stinking thinking.

Leaders: Jamie & Tammy Pickens

Living Free

If you are struggling with getting closer to God and you don't understand why. We are here for you; come and let us help you discover what prevents you from having that deeper relationship with God. We meet every three weeks on Sunday at 3 P.M.

Leaders: Rebecca Stuyvesant & Belinda Greenburg

This Is Life

As we all know, everyday life can be interesting to say the least. This group shares the struggles of life whether you're 20 or 50. We all have this common goal of propelling through life with Jesus.

Leaders: Josh & Alex Murray

Word & The Spirit

It's time to break some bread! Do you wonder what scripture means? Do you want to better understand your bible? Join us the 1st and 3rd Tuesday. Anyone is welcome!

Leaders: George & Marlene Welch



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