Reflection with Harry Davis

Every day is one day further from my first day and one day closer to my last day. Some people fear the close and wish once again for the beginning. But I fear not. For when I have climbed my last hill or hiked my last hike or fished my last creek or traveled my last trip abroad or hugged my last hug held my last hand or kissed my last kiss I will will have at least known those things and experiences.
See so many people are afraid to experience life to its fullest. Yes, there is still lots I I want to see and places I want to visit and people I want to meet and experiences I want to experience. At times I have held back because of fear of the unknown but you can not let the unknown dictate your future or you will never experience life. Yes, there are times that experiences bring pain and disappointment but they also bring joy, happiness, love and memories, mostly memories that you can share with those who you love and meet and those who choose not to experience life on their own.
Some people decide to live life through others but really what have they experienced and what do they have to share but what someone else has done. So today I say start something new and try something you have never done before and share your outcome with those closest to you so on that last day you can leave something of you behind that can never be destroyed. See it is not the money and stuff that really mean anything it is the stories, memories and love you leave behind. So why do I say I fear not for my last day which is unknown. Because I know where my future is and where my new first day will take place and although I love to be here with the ones I love I long to be home with my father in Heaven where a new life a better life begins. But until that day comes I will continue to climbed those hills, hike those hikes, fish those creeks hug those I love, hold the that hands of those dear to me and and kiss the ones closest. I will experience new experiences and share the new memories so that one day I will leave behind a part of who I am.

Todays Reflection
What will you leave behind? I pray today that your future also lies in Heaven but if not you still have time to change your future and you too can say I fear not for you will know that better life a waits you with bigger adventures than you could ever imagine.

Harry Davis – Rock Columbus