A Call to Fast

Call for a“fast”in a church service and you will find most of us thinking to ourselves how “fast” we can get out of it by fasting everything but food. Some of us would choose television, others would fast a hobby, while many will fast social media. One has to ask, “Why do we want to give up everything BUT food?” I believe it is due to the pain that is felt as one begins to miss a meal, the pain of self-denial. You can always find other distractions to take place of the usual fasted items listed above, but you will be hard pressed to find something to distract you from the pain felt when fasting food. 

On Sunday(5/3), our Pastor issued a call for a fast of food and to pray for seven days starting 5/4. I encourage every single one of you to join together in one accord to pursue God through prayer and fasting. If you haven’t started already, please consider starting now. Join us for prayer on Wednesday, starting at 6pm. Watch God move in your lives as you lay down your wants and desires in your pursuit for more of Him. Remember, fasting is a denial of your flesh. My father use to say this concerning his many 40 day fasts, “All of me, none of God. Less of me more of God. None of me, all of God.” 

-Brandon Johnson