Launching FREEDOM #2

It was around this time last year that FREEDOM was introduced to our church.

The purpose of Freedom is geared towards revealing your identity in Christ, setting you free through identifying bondages and discovering parts of your wounded soul that God wants to bring health to, as He strengthens your spirit. Through this process, Freedom trains you into becoming a disciple and how to walk out The Great Commission.

The Freedom Program runs a duration of 12 consecutive weeks, with an additional Conference weekend scheduled at the completion of the 12 weeks. In just one short week we will launch FREEDOM #2 and we are excited for the discovery, heart mending, and understanding that will awaken amongst those who will be participating. We truly believe that this is a small group that all can benefit from, regardless of where they are in their pursuit of HIM. We also want to share the goodness of FREEDOM beyond the 4 walls of our church and open it to others who are looking to discover the fullness of who they are through HIM.

Tomorrow during service our Freedom Group leaders, Mike and Becky Newlon, will be sharing more about this 12-week course and hosting physical sign ups! But we wanted to be sure that you could also access everything you need right here, ONLINE. To sign up for FREEDOM, click this LINK HERE.

And to give you just a taste of what Freedom is all about, here’s a glimpse at Freedom Conference, which is the culminating experience at the end of the 12 consecutive course.

Got questions? Feel free to shoot an email to [email protected] or visit