These are the ministries in our church that are designed to encourage you and cultivate your gifts through each stage of life. From children, youth, and young adults, to new families, women, and seniors. No matter what stage you are in, we are committed to seeing you thrive in Christ.



Life affords no greater responsibility no greater privilege than raising the next generation. We are committed to imparting the commandments of God and the principles of the Kingdom through different avenues that children can easily grasp. We incorporate hands-on activities such as music with corresponding actions, crafts, puppets, animation and other creative methods. These result in spiritual enrichment as well as aiding in the development of a good attitude, motor and social skills. Your children will be cared for with love, by responsible individuals whose backgrounds have been checked and who demonstrate obvious gifting’s in working with children. Nursery: for ages 0 - 14 monthsWalkers: for ages 12 months - 24 monthsToddlers: for age 2Pre-School: Ages 3 - 4 years (potty trained) ROCK Kids: Grades K - 6th


Eternal Impact Youth Ministries challenges young people to rise above the statistics and moral compromise that stand against them in this day and age by developing young disciples for Christ. We are helping young people find their God-given destiny by preaching the life-changing Word of God and giving them an opportunity to serve. Many group activities are scheduled throughout the year. We have a great time working together on fund raisers for annual events such as youth camp. All of this hard work pays off to see God touch hearts in such a special way. So if you’re ready to become a generation that changes history, then join us at ETERNAL IMPACT! We meet Wednesday Nights following praise and worship. Ages (13-19)



We are a group of young adults seeking God with a focus on Presence, Pathways and Practicality. How do I get from here to the next path whether that's marriage, children, a family, a new career? We will teach a Biblical approach to adulthood and work to prepare you for the transitions into the next path of life. Our goal is to help you make sense of the journey and your place in the church. This will be accomplished through various types of gatherings - living life and figuring things out together! This group meets every third Sunday evening.


We believe that seniors have a wonderful amount of wisdom that has come from simply living their lives one day at a time. The gifts that God has given to all of them are still with them and we believe the younger generations could benefit from what they have learned and the mistakes they have made. Kingdom Keepers brings together a group of people 50 years old and over. Many times, people this age think they have passed the time of usefulness to the Body of Christ. Many are lonely and wish to join together with their peers in and out of church for companionship and fellowship. Serve God and have a blast at 50+ doing it! That's Kingdom Keepers.



These days, families encounter incredible challenges. Marriage & Family is committed to helping families not just survive but thrive in their relationships and building healthy homes for their children. Regardless if you have been married 30 days or 30 years, no kids or many kids; we are cultivating a gathering of people growing together to experience the best for family life and legacy!


We are mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. We are strong in purpose and bold in our faith. We join together united in prayer, worship and fellowship. WE ARE the women of the Rock. Come join us! We have monthly meetings and special events and we would love for you to join us as we pursue the Lord and enjoy His pursuit of us.




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