The word “response” and its variants are words we are very familiar with. When 9/11 happened, we talked frequently about the “first responders” and how they were heroes and how many died tried to save others. Today we talk of the various world leaders and how they and their governments are “responding” to the Coronavirus. In the spiritual world, many spiritual leaders are talking about how we are or should be responding to this crisis. A response is a reaction, an action taken as a result of some other event.

Coronavirus is an event that has occurred to the whole world. I cannot recall another event in my lifetime that had such a large world response, since World War II occurred prior to my birth. Certainly, God was not surprised by this event and He was not pondering what His response would be.  Daniel 2:21 says (NKJV), “And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.” The times and seasons and governments of this world are not unknown to Him and are still under His jurisdiction whether they recognize His jurisdiction or not. Whether you believe that Coronavirus started in a laboratory or a wet market does not really matter, since God knows where and how it started. Like the old song says, “He’s got the whole world in His hands”.

Many people struggle with the concept of God in a world that has so much trouble and evil. Of course, their understanding is clouded because they lack God’s knowledge: that trouble and evil started with our sin and continues because of our sin and is exacerbated due to the enemy’s involvement. So we can rightfully conclude that Coronavirus is in some way connected to our sin and likely connected in some way with the evil one. We must understand also that some of the effects of sin are effects on the natural world around us. Romans 8:20-22 (TPT) says, 20 For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility resulting from the consequences of human sin. But now, with eager expectation, 21 all creation longs for freedom from its slavery to decay and to experience with us the wonderful freedom coming to God’s children. 22 To this day we are aware of the universal agony and groaning of creation, as if it were in the contractions of labor for childbirth.” We can rightfully blame ourselves for the trouble and “groaning” of creation, which means that we must soberly consider that even the current crisis is on our own shoulders, even if there is some element of the enemy’s involvement.

God knew of this crisis before it occurred, and God has allowed this consequence of sin to occur. Many consequences of sin are all around us every day (murder, decay, death, sickness, etc.). But this virus is particularly “in our face” because of the direct consequences to our lives and our livelihood, and the lives of our friends and loved ones. We, as Paul described in Romans 8, are looking for a day in which we are not enslaved to decay and death, a day in which creation is no longer “groaning” and affecting our lives.

What we must recognize is that there is “someone” who is “in our face” right now, someone who is more important than Coronavirus. God is “in the midst” of every situation that occurs on earth, and He is especially “in the midst” of every believer’s life. This is what I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, that He is listening, and He is watching for our “response” to this crisis. There are many ways we can respond and many different arenas that He is watching for a response from.

If you have ever faced a crisis in your life before, then you know there are two ways to respond from a spiritual standpoint: you can turn to God with your whole heart, or you can run to other places of so-called comfort. You come to a fork in the road, and you can choose “better” or “bitter”. When faced with the crisis of a divorce in the year 2000, I immersed myself in God, immersed myself in the Word, and abandoned myself for Him. I felt He was my only hope for me and for my children. That complete surrender to Him paid off in so many ways in my life that I cannot quantify the benefits. I am still benefiting from the surrender from 20 years ago. I ran to God, and like the prodigal son’s father, He ran to me. I have never been the same.

As I sit here and write, this is the song going through my head (“It is Well” by Bethel Music – partial lyrics):

And through it all, through it all

My eyes are on You

And it is well

It is well


So let go my soul and trust in Him

The waves and wind still know His name

So let go my soul and trust in Him

The waves and wind still know His name.

How are you responding to Him in this crisis? How are you responding to the One “in your face”? If you haven’t noticed Him there, notice Him now. He is the “Master of the Wind”, as another song says. Your eyes should be on Him and none else. Your focus should be on Him and on none else. There is no One else that can lead us out of this storm. There is no One else that can still the wind and waves. Peter cried, “Lord, save me!” (Matthew 14:30) when he was sinking in the waves, after he had tried to walk on the water but became fearful. And Jesus immediately reached out His hand and saved him.

It is time for us as the people of God to be solely focused on Jesus, to be solely focused on His rescue, to be solely focused on the One who died to save us. As we commemorate our Savior’s death, burial and resurrection this week (today is Good Friday), it is more than appropriate for us to turn to Him. In the news yesterday they announced that the Coronavirus deaths are expected to peak this Sunday in the United States. Sunday is Easter – the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, the celebration of deliverance from death to life, the celebration of deliverance from evil, the celebration of our ability to go behind the veil and enter into an intimate relationship with the Father. How interesting is it that God purposed this week in the United States to be the celebration of the most Holy Week and the turning point of the virus’ deaths? What does that say about how God orchestrates the world, our governments, the seasons and times, and a testament to His glory?

Are you turning to Him with your whole heart this season? Are you focused on worshipping Him this Easter season, focusing on the life He came to give us, and the rescue He accomplished? Or are your eyes and ears focused on the wind and waves of this season? Let your anthem be, “through it all my eyes are on You”.


Guest Post Written by Sonja Josselyn  



It’s Easter again. The weather is starting to get a little bit nicer. The flowers and trees are starting to bloom. But the sad part is-we can’t get together with folks and enjoy the activities we normally would this time of year. It’s not as festive as it usually is. As we all know, a terrible virus has hit our world and instead of celebrating with others we are all locked in the house on strict Stay-In-Orders. Many of us are personally battling sickness. Some have even lost loved ones due to the virus. So, you may be asking yourselves what does this virus have to do with Easter. Well historically this is actually not the first time that folks were shut in the house during Easter due to a virus. The bible has so many stories that relate to modern day life. We are going to take a look at two in particular.

EXODUS 12: 1-30

Now we have heard this story a thousand times. But let’s take a look at it through the lens of COVID-19. Now please hear me when I say this. I am not suggesting that God sent COVID-19 to kill people as His judgment. I am merely pointing out some similarities of what happened then and the state of where we are today. I find it interesting that God had a strict set of orders to get the Israelites ready for the plague hitting the land as we do today. The one we focus on the most is putting the blood around the door post. But this story talks about so much more. It talks about how they were to prepare their food. It goes into things like taking into consideration how many folks were in a household. How much a person will eat. In what manner to not to eat the food. How to get rid of the leftovers. How to dress while they eat. Even down to how fast to eat. All of these orders would seem to be extreme in an average situation but to them it was life or death. In the same way, today we have been given a set of guidelines that are supposed to help save our lives. Now I am also not getting into the conversation about Christians not needing to do what has been mandated by the government. That is between you and your God. I am again making a comparison of the similarities on the extreme measures they took in the bible and what we are doing today. Now what I was referring to earlier about the Israelites being given a Stay-In-Order is in verse 22. God specifically says None of you shall go out of the door of your house until morning”. Yes, this did come from God and not the government but what I am highlighting here is how the people responded to the situation they were in until the plague passed over. Just like us, Israel had to adjust to those rules and learn to sit tight in the house while all hell was breaking loose around them. Just like we wake up every morning to the latest news report of how many people have died, their news report was listening to the Egyptians around them wailing over the dead bodies they found in their homes. To put it simple, they had to trust that God would preserve them through a tragic time. We must do the same and wait for our morning to come, no matter how long it takes because it will eventually come. And how ironic that all this was happening around what could be considered the first Easter. Now let’s take a look at another Easter story where the people of God were shut in.

JOHN 20:19-31

It is Easter night. The disciples are locked in the house but this time it wasn’t because of a command from God, it was out of fear of the people that killed Jesus. They too had to deal with the loss of a loved one when just a few days earlier they watched him die a terrible death. In verse 13, Mary stood at Jesus grave and said these words, “They have taken my Lord away, and I don’t know where they have put him.” Doesn’t that sound like those who have lost loved ones today. A lot of folks don’t even know where they have been taken. They just pack them up in a truck and throw them in some ditch. The disciples also had to deal with the fear that it may happen to them next if they came out of the house. Look at the high range of emotions here. Now ask yourself this question: Are you staying in the house out of fear or out of wisdom and common sense? It’s ok that you are staying in and being safe. But why? There is a lot of pressure as a Christian to be brave and believe that nothing will happen to us during this time. And God willing it won’t. There is also a silent guilt being projected on Christians if you decide to take a break from congregating with people. Christians are questioning whether they should be wearing mask & gloves and practicing Social Distancing. There are a wide range of reasons people are doing what they are doing. Some folks are at higher risk than others due to pre-existing conditions. Some folks have families and small children to considers. Some folks just simply may have symptoms and don’t want to expose others to them. So, it’s not always a matter of not having enough faith. But you have to decide for yourself if you are shut in out of fear or out of wisdom. Now on the other-hand there is pressure to be afraid of everything and to feel like you can never go outside. There is pressure to overreact in the most common scenarios like going to the store or places you need to go to do the things you need to do. This type of mindset I would say is based in fear and is exactly where the disciples in this story were operating from. The most awesome part about this story is that Christ entered their situation behind closed doors and encouraged them by saying “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” This is the secret weapon to survive during this time. The peace of God. Not only did he give them peace but he gave them the authority to go out amongst those whom they were afraid of. Now if you read down a little further to verse 26, about a week later they were back in the same situation, locked up in the house, meaning they didn’t quite get it the first time. LOL!! But that’s ok. The point to all this is that fear is going to do its job and attack but each of us personally have to find our own way to overcome and that may look different than some people. We all have to define for ourselves what works for us and our family. But we cannot be ruled by fear of this disease or even the fear of what others think. That is unnecessary added pressure to what we are already facing. Look at how Jesus responded the second time he caught them shut up in the house in verse 26. He gave them the exact same encouragement he gave before. “Peace be with you.”  He understands our tendency to fear and is more than willing to help us overcome it and even comfort us through it. And again, how ironic is it that the people of God had to face similar conditions around the actual very first Easter. We are no strangers to trials on this holiday weekend. It’s a part of our spiritual heritage. In conclusion, whether we are like the Israelites who stayed in out of adhering to instructions of wisdom or we are like the disciples that stayed in out of fear, God is willing to meet us were we are and help us get through this situation. Let’s not let COVID-19 kill Jesus. Happy Easter and more importantly Happy Resurrection Sunday!!


Guest Post Written by Mo Diggs 

2020 The Decade of Declaring


As we are entering a fresh decade, I believe the Lord has been giving us some fresh direction and revelation. I wanted to share some things the Lord has been speaking to me about. The previous decade we have come out of (in the Hebrew calendar the “ayin” decade) was the decade of seeing – of discerning – what God is saying/doing. This new Hebrew decade we have entered (the “pey” decade) is the decade of declaring – the decade of the mouth. We must take the revelations we have received and declare them with our mouths so they are accomplished.

The supernatural law of release says that a revelation begins in the supernatural realm and is released to the earth realm. Because man has dominion on earth, in order for a thing to be accomplished it must be then decreed on earth. Once a declaration from earth is received in the heavenly realm (in agreement with the revelation from heaven), it activates the heavenly powers to war in the supernatural realm to fulfill the declaration. This is the power of agreement and declaration.

Daniel was an example of someone who received revelation and spoke it on earth. Daniel prayed for 21 days and the angel messenger came to him and explained that he had been held up by the Prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13). The angel messenger had come to bring the revelation including a vision to Daniel so Daniel would release it/decree it in the earth realm. The enemy did not want it released on earth. With revelation from God comes authority to release it in the earth realm, and the release causes it to be activated. Daniel was obedient and released the revelation.

Joshua and Caleb are also an example. They heard the revelation/promise from God that He would give them the Promised Land and had faith that God would give it to them. They were ready to declare the victory. But most of the people did not receive the revelation. Instead they gave in to fear and unbelief – even though God had provided for them miraculously. Those who would not declare the revelation spent 40 years in the desert until they all died. Yet Joshua and Caleb, who were ready to declare it and take hold of it, had to wander in the desert those 40 years also! But then Joshua and Caleb rose up to lead the people into the fulfillment of the Promise. Their faith and their steadfastness in holding on to the revelation qualified them to lead the nation into the revelation.

Nehemiah was also a man of faith who served King Artaxerxes as a cupbearer. He was an Israelite living in Persia in the captivity. His name means “God comforts”. He was told of the ruins of Jerusalem, the recent rebuilding of the temple, but that there was no protection because the walls of Jerusalem were in ruins. Nehemiah was devastated and prayed. He reminded God of His promises, repented for the sins of his people including his own ancestors, and asked for God’s favor in presenting his petition to Artaxerxes. Nehemiah spoke the promises/decrees of God: if Israel was scattered among the nations God would rescue and restore them if they would return to Him and obey Him (Nehemiah 1:8-9). Nehemiah approached God with humility and repentance. Then he moved forward even though he knew his life could be at stake.  Then God gave Nehemiah favor with the king and miraculously used Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

From these examples in Scripture, I believe there are several things God is saying. First, we must be a people of intimacy with God. Intimacy births love and intimacy births power. God wants to release a season of “comfort” (Nehemiah means comfort) which includes signs, wonders, healing, and restoration. But we must have intimacy with God in order to produce the love and power. Holy Spirit infilling produces power (Acts 1:8) but its substance is love. Without love we can do nothing (I Corinthians 13).

Second, I believe God is saying we must pay attention to His voice. We must discern His direction carefully and differentiate it from the voices of our culture and world. We must be people who hear His voice so we can receive revelation.

Third, I believe God is saying we must be people of humility and repentance. We must know we are not greater than another, we all have growing to do, we all have need of God’s grace, and our gifts do not make us better than others. We must be ready at any moment to repent and turn away from our mistakes. We must be prepared to repent for the sins of our ancestors and predecessors in the body who may have created baggage of unbelief, offense or hurt. We must lay new ground.

Fourth, I believe God is saying we must take the revelations/prophetic words we have received and declare them – decree them. Then they will be activated.

Fifth, I believe God is saying we must be aware of the resistance we will face. The enemy will not be happy with what we are declaring and setting out to do. He will resist. We must not be discouraged or distracted. Daniel’s angel faced resistance. Joshua and Caleb faced resistance. And Nehemiah faced resistance. But Isaiah 59:19 says “When the enemy comes in like a flood, God will raise up a standard against him”. We are already victorious because what God declares He will defend, and He will send His holy angels to war with us. We cannot lose if we stay focused and persist.

Sixth, I believe God is saying we must be fully committed, setting aside fear and doubt and unbelief. Some among us may not have the “stomach” for what we are about to do and may exit.  We must give them grace, but not enter into their unbelief, criticism or offense. It’s not about salvation. It’s about whether you want to be a part of what God is calling this body to do. If you’re not in the “ship” then you’re not in the “fellowship”. Being in the ship means being sold out. Being in the ship means radical obedience. Being in the ship means taking risks because God has told us to do it.


Guest Post Written by Sonja Josselyn

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