Pastor’s Blog Wk 1.14: A Prophetic Word for 2019

On Saturday, January 5th, as I was finalizing my notes for our first Sunday service of 2019, the Lord dropped a prophetic word in my heart. I shared this on that Sunday and many of you have been asking for a copy of it, so here you go! As you read this word, it is my hope that it encourages and blesses YOU.


I hear the words change, change, change… I see the tide turning. Things are not as they seem. There is a quickening that is coming. A time of new beginnings…a season and time of restoration, for I will restore the years the locust and the cankerworm has eaten, and will bring about healing and restoration in a moment. I will do it in a way that will be counted as strange and unorthodox.

What many have discounted as damaged goods God has set aside as prized possessions. The year of the underdog. For I do not search for capable men whose tainted by pride and selfish ambition, I look at the heart. Those who have sought me will encounter me.

Be not dismayed beloved bride, I have not forgotten you. You whom the nations despise for my namesake. Remember that you would be hated for my namesake, but the year of recompense is at hand. I will cause those who have risen to dare to touch my bride, I will cause them to turn to ashes under my mighty hand of judgment. And to those whom have held fast to my word, I will send the wings of healing. Healing in your hearts, restoration of your families, your promised seeds shall be preserved by my mighty hand.

Beloved, bride I have not forgotten you. To this generation I say, I am the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. I am not a man that I should lie of the son of man that I should repent. This year you will see my hand of mercy made visible in the midst of judgment.

Seek, seek, seek me this year, while I may be found by you. Turn your hearts back to be. Rekindle your love for me because I am a jealous God who longs to see you smile again, who longs to be intimate with you again. For my jealousy has been aroused. Return to me o bride, weep between the porch and alter.

Lay your burdens at my feet and I will remove your reproach. Repent all you sinners from your ways that you may be found by me. For the harvest is primed and ready for picking. My reserve army has been tested by the fires of suffering. The carriers of my glory are standing at attention waiting for my spirit to open the floodgates of heaven. From the East to the West, from the North to the South, the world will stand in amazement as they witness to power of my Glory. So pray, seek, fast… Let my love move you to action and let love bind you together as one. For this is how they will know you are from me, when you love one another. My promises are yes and amen, stand fast therefore and hold true to my word.